Better than your boyfriend  #gay #graffiti #love #equality #boyfriend #hk #streetart

found on a pedestrian overpass/flyover in Hong Kong


how dare this younger generation enjoy casual hookups and temporary dating…back in my day we got married to our first crushes when we were 18 and ended up unhappy by the time we were 40

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I have a serious fucking problem with a current trend relating to acceptance of queer and nonbinary folk.

The fact that there are so many posts where it’s like “Son, you aren’t allowed to have that dress.  …  It would look hideous on you, this is more your color.”  The fucking SCARE factor to emphasize the relief of acceptance is horrible and I loathe it so much.  If you’re going to accept someone, ACCEPT THEM, make them feel welcomed, validated, okay, normal.  Don’t trick them into believing they’re about to me put down like they always are.  It’s manipulation and it’s gross, even if it’s with good intent.

If one of my parents pretended to be upset that I was bisexual and then went “lmao jk we love you” I wouldn’t punch them because I’m a pansy but I would walk out and ignore them for like a week or five and be seriously pissed.  I don’t want to be the butt of your joke.  I don’t want to be the source of your amusement over your fucking manipulating emotional jumpscare.

It’s not funny.

It’s not sweet or cute or inspiring to trick someone to manipulate them into feeling a certain way, especially not for the satisfaction of them being relieved you were lying.

I hate it.

I have literally been meaning to make this post for months, I hate this so so so much omgg I hate ittttttttt it’s so disgusting

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"Some are born with busts, some are born with butts, but whatever makes you feel confident and like loving yourself more, be proud. I’m all for it. ”

sorry I can’t help reblogging every photoset/gifset of them

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"don’t be mean go green gay”
found in Carcavelos, Portugal, on a wall between train tracks and a beach


straight people: sexuality shouldn’t matter. who cares who’s straight and who isn’t? why do you want more queer characters? it shouldn’t matter. sexuality doesn’t matter. everyone should be straight cause it shouldn’t matter.

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who is she?

she’s beauty, she’s grace, she’s miss united states


Those lashes !! The fuck!!!!

Anonymous asked: Are you going to join the French Foreign Legion?




I hope the porn blogs following me are learning a lot about social justice

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seen at an intersection in Richmond, Virginia, USA

how to get a boyfriend


put peanut butter on a pinecone and roll it in bird seed. hang it up outside. wait.

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cis people are so obsessed with babies’ genitals it’s so fucking weird

me too, Cat