One day, cis women’s transmisogyny will be talked about just as much as gay men’s misogyny towards cis women.

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cis people are so obsessed with babies’ genitals it’s so fucking weird

Yeah, fuck babies getting proper medical attention, amiright?



Parents: You had something to tell us?

Me: Mom… Dad… I’m gay…

Hilary Duff: *rounds corner*


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straight men: how do they work?

One guy tried to flirt with me by saying something about the New York Yankees and I just said “I don’t follow sports” and he left awkwardly


Awkward queer moments: when you and the hot date have to pee in the same public restroom at the same time.

SO REAL and it’s strangely both erotic and not-at-all erotic at the same time


Super tired of having to remind people to use my correct pronouns

<3 <3


"Fuck you", says Patrick.


i can’t believe i had to read this with my own two eyes



Come one, come all, and bring your friends along for a potluck brunch fundraiser to support Philadelphia FIGHT—one of Philly’s most incredible advocacy and health centers for folks living with HIV/AIDS, and their communities.Whether you’re new to the Philly queer scene or a seasoned queer-about-town, join us for the best of all combinations: queers, politics, and brunch. 100% of the money raised will go towards the unbelievable range of services provided by FIGHT. 100% of the food and drink contributed will go towards us being happy and very full.WHAT IS THE EVENT? Philly Queer Brunch is a monthly queer potluck fundraiser benefiting a different queer, trans, and otherwise justice-oriented organization each month! This month, we’re raising money for Philadelphia FIGHT (check out their website: http://fight.org/). We’re also going to be combining this month’s brunch with a *~*ZINE-MAKING PARTY*~* in truly classic queer fashion. We’re especially focusing on Philly FIGHT for its work with youth in the Youth Health Empowerment Project (Y-HEP), and as such will be talking and thinking about what it is and was like to be queer and trans youths ourselves. Accordingly, the theme of our zine will be “BABY QUEERS.”WHAT SHOULD I BRING? Since it’s a potluck, we’re encouraging everyone to bring a dish or drink to share AND $10 to donate. That being said, we want to make PQB accessible for EVERYONE, so if you can’t bring a donation of $10 and/or a dish/drink to share, we will still welcome you with open queer arms. In order to coordinate who is bringing what (so we don’t overlap with our dishes), PLEASE SIGN UP with what you’re bringing on this spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MNo5VTyaEBkCMWr83RlHnOIlF__7HGBR9QVasurPKdU/edit?usp=sharingWHO’S INVITED?EVERYONE is welcome at PQB! We do center the experiences of queer and trans women and genderqueer folks, but we invite all folks in the queer community to come out and have fun with us.WHERE CAN I FIND OUT MORE?You can find us on Twitter (@PHLqueerbrunch) and Facebook, and you can also sign up for our mailing list here: http://eepurl.com/3bCA5

It’s happening again!! Come out and join us for the second Philly Queer Brunch, benefiting the AMAZING folks over at Philadelphia FIGHT.

signal boost to any philly-area followers. I know some awesomeeeee philly queers who will be there&#8230; tell them patrick sent you ;) ;)


But what if someone tries to market manicures to men. What will they call them.

omg MANicures

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from the source: “Belgrade will host a Gay Pride parade on Sept. 28 for the first time in four years after being banned for security reasons following violent protests by ultra-nationalists at the event. […] Throughout Belgrade city centre graffiti appeared overnight Sept. 26 reading: ‘Stop the parade of shame’ and ‘Stop the parade of fags.’”


I like the word important. it is definitely homological.


wow I am like in awe of that discovery (about the first 5 tags). that has such enormous implications for the posting of original / submitted content.


TAGGING ON TUMBLR: aka "how to get your posts to show up/not show up in the right places"


(Keep in mind that this info does not deal with special characters or anything else about the content of tags, just their placement. Also, tumblr could totally rewrite their code and make this post obsolete within minutes. You know, as you do.)


First of all, let it be known to the…

ok there is some very very useful info here for people who use tags for these purposes. it took me a few months on tumblr to realize that reblogged posts don’t appear in searches/tracked tags… but I had NO idea that only the first 5 tags put the (original) post in the searches/tracked tags. wow.


psa if youre cis and someone asks for your pronouns:

  • don’t say ‘whatever pronouns are fine!’
  • dont say ‘you can call me eggplant for all i care’
  • dont say ‘im a girl/im a guy’ instead of giving your pronouns
  • dont get offended that we’re asking

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